This page was requested by Brian to detail known limitations of the hardware and software associated with FAIMS. (This includes all known bugs within the FAIMS system as of 29/10/2013)

Tablet Software:

  • Android 4.0.3 on the Samsung 10"  does not work (supported Android versions are only those from 4.4.X upwards).
  • Android 4.1.2 Crashes due to insufficient ram allocations (even if the device "has" enough ram).
  • Samsung note 10.1 - the native video recorder does not record any video when using the default application, requiring the user to download an external video recording application.
  • Depending on tablet, file selection for attachment may be restricted to the files contained on the SD card only.

Web App:

  • If all entities/relationships are deleted, there is no option to view deleted entities.
  • Syncing devices while the server is locked (ie. when archiving a project, creating a project etc.) will sometimes slow the server down till it no longer loads anything. Server needs to be locked for a long period of time for it to be a problem.

Using web app on a tablet browser:

  • Don't. 
  • Attaching files to records may fail.
  • Certain versions of the Chrome browser will not download files from the web app correctly from an Android device (download unsuccessful error). Use the Firefox browser to download files instead.

Data schema:

  • Two attributes with the same name are treated as the same therefore only the first attribute defined will be used.

Map UI/performance:

  • Large map file sizes/large numbers of geometry etc. causes significant performance issues depending on the speed of the tablet. This can often make the map UI slow and inconsistent for practical use. This is worst when highlighting and/or labels are displayed.
  • Selection of Experimental Fast Raster Loading in the layer config menu of raster layers may result in non-rendering of raster edges.
  • Rotating the screen orientation while using the Nexus 4 will sometimes cause the phone to crash. Use only in locked screen mode.
  • Wrong projection for the area will not allow user to save the created geometry on that area.
  • Layer manager visual bug: activating re-order in layer manager, dragging the top layer to the middle position and then toggling any other layer's visibility will cause the layer highlighted to remain visible as a 'sticky' overlay on all screens.
  • Tracklog features are always select-able (point select and polygon select tools) even if no tracklog layer exists on the map.
  • Tracklog features load into Entity layers, resulting in double-plotting if Tracklog layer is also added to map.
  • Hidden layers will always be selected if they match the criteria despite not being visible.