Here are the instructions on how to independently install the FAIMS Server locally and for free. Please follow the decision tree below to assess your situation and contact FAIMS leadership should you experience any issues. We are happy to offer pre-installed Cloud and local server solutions to fit (almost) any time frame.

You must be online with a good connection for the entire installation process.

If your university or workplace has a "proxy" (internet filtering or a local copy of recently accessed pages) we cannot provide support for getting your Ubuntu instance online. We recommend contacting your institution's tech support.

If you are in the field as you are reading this, give FAIMS team a call and we will send you FAIMS box overnight for an additional fee.

Step 1: Is this the right process for you?

Do you feel comfortable installing Ubuntu 16.04?

  1. Yes > Install Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop (if running on a laptop) or Server (if you're comfortable with the command line). Do not install on a virtual machine. Continue to [Step 2].

  2. No > Consider purchasing a pre-configured FAIMS Server in a box (tablets, computer and more in a box with FAIMS logo on top).

  3. No > Contact us to help us beta test our virtualbox image.

Step 2: Downloading and installing the Server

It is usually wise to run updates on your OS before installing new software. Use the "Update Manager" to install updates. Wait for them to download and install. Reboot if prompted. Launch your browser after the first restart, so it can update itself. 

  • Now that you have installed Ubuntu 16.04, make sure you have some internet browser. Firefox or Chrome is fine.

  • In a terminal, type: 

  • wget

  • Then type:

    • bash install

Step 3: Running the Server

  • Navigate to your computer's IP address (or localhost: with a web browser.

  • Login

  • Password Pass.123